Nonsurgical Treatments for Hip Pain

Nonsurgical Treatments for Hip Pain

The wear-and-tear of accumulated years and activity, or an injury or degenerative condition like arthritis, can leave you suffering from hip pain. Your hips take a lot of pressure, and need to move smoothly for you to walk and bend.

Hip pain makes it difficult to keep up your daily life activities, and you might start to notice yourself staying in more and more often. You don’t have to learn to live with hip pain. Seek professional treatment and support!

Surgical hip joint replacement can be a way to resolve hip pain, but if you’re not ready for that degree of invasive procedure, you still have options to address and reduce your hip pain. Dr. Firas Hijazi and Dr. Satvik Munshi specialize in pain management at LA Pain Doctor, and they’re here to help.

Here are some of the nonsurgical treatments for hip pain that the LA Pain Doctor team recommends to patients from Metairie, LaPlace, Harvey, and New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as our new location opening in Luling.

Joint injections

Back injury, repetitive stress, or arthritis of the spine can be addressed nonsurgically with facet joint injections. Your facet joints can be found on either side of each vertebral level in your back and neck.

The LA Pain Doctor team can provide facet joint injections targeting your cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine, depending on the location of your neck or back pain. In this procedure, an injection of anesthetic or steroid medication blocks pain in the targeted area. Live X-ray guidance keeps your injection precise, preventing tissue damage or nerve injury.

Facet joint injections can help identify the location and cause of your back pain. You can also use facet joint injections for pain relief. And, your pain relief results can make it easier for you to address root causes of your back pain with physical therapy.

Sacroiliac joint injections

You have two sacroiliac (SI) joints located on either side of your spine. Your SI joints connect your hips with your sacrum. SI joints can be negatively affected by inflammation and other types of dysfunction, leading to persistent pain.

LA Pain Doctor team can use SI joint injections to effectively block pain in your SI joints. SI joint injections can help with diagnosing the location of your back pain, and can also provide lasting pain relief, as well.

The team numbs your injection site with a local anesthetic and then uses a needle to precisely target your SI joint and deliver a dose of anesthetic or anti-inflammatory medication. Therapeutic SI joint injections with corticosteroid medication can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain for several months to a year.

Stellate ganglion blocks

You may also be able to benefit from a nonsurgical stellate ganglion block (SGB) procedure. Your stellate ganglion, a bundle of sympathetic nerves, is located at the level of your sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae at the base of your neck. 

While these nerves aren’t needed for sensation, triggering events can cause sympathetic nervous system arousal resulting in pain.

Your LA Pain Doctor provider may be able to relieve your back pain with an SGB. An injection of local anesthetic targets this area, putting an end to sympathetic nervous activity and reducing your pain symptoms.

For this procedure, you are typically sedated. The LA Pain Doctor team uses a fine needle and X-ray guidance to precisely target your injection treatment.

Putting together your treatment plan

The team at LA Pain Doctor begins your treatment with a comprehensive diagnostic exam. Once they know more about your hip pain, health history, and symptoms, they can advise you on the best way to proceed. 

They may use diagnostic imaging like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to learn about your hips’ condition.

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